A mentor is a seasoned distance rider who wants to help new riders start their journey into distance riding. Mentors can be a valuable resource to a new distance rider. This sport can be intimidating to start on your own, mentors will help ease the transition and build your confidence. Below you will find a map and list of GLDRA mentors in Michigan or you can email gldraorg@gmail.com for help finding a mentor near you.

A mentor will help you with:

  • Conditioning program for you and your horse
  • Explain the different types of distance ride formats
  • Camping
  • Trail etiquette
  • What to expect at an event
  • Help troubleshoot problems
  • Support and confidence
  • Answering any questions you may have
  • And so much more…
Shannon Weston and Spirit

GLDRA Mentors

West Michigan

North West Michigan

Southeast Michigan

Upper Peninsula


GLDRA Mentor Map


GLDRA Members who want to become a mentor, please fill out this Mentor Application!

Mentor applications can be sent to gldraorg@gmail.com or mailed to Lisa Germann, 6529 Milan-Oakville Rd., Milan, MI 48160.