Great Lakes Distance Riding Association Awards

2022 Final Standings
2022 Horse Mileage Awards
2022 Personal Mileage Awards

Earned Awards

The awards are received by the recipients at the banquet.
Legend Cup: The Great Lakes Distance Riding Association Legend Cup is a traveling award presented to the horse completing the overall highest mileage of the year in sanctioned GLDRA events. The mileage can be for competitive, limited distance, endurance or a combination of all. This award was donated by Rose and John Clark in honor of their beloved and highly accomplished horse Matucks Legend.

  • Rookie of the Year
  • Arabian Horse Association High Point Competitive Purebred Arabian
  • Hall of Fame (Horse & Person): The Hall of Fame Award was started by Ted and Holly Palmer-Chaff in 1984. They donated a silver trophy bowl that is engraved with the winners, who were nominated and voted on by the general membership at the annual meeting. The nominees were to be the ones that have made an outstanding contribution to distance riding during either a long period of time or an outstanding achievement in one year. This is to be a traveling trophy brought back annually and given to the next winners. A committee met in 1992 and recommended these guidelines be put into effect in 1993. Nominations are to be written and publicized at the annual meeting. This could be done with handouts or posters. The candidates should be informed in advance.Statement of Intent:
    • The purpose of the Great Lakes Distance Riding Association Hall of Fame is to honor persons and/or horses selected to this position for their outstanding achievements accomplished in this sport.


      • Individuals voting for these nominees should not take the above statement lightly. Time and consideration need to be given to the performances of those nominated to the Hall of Fame. The votes cast for those nominated should not be spur-of-the-moment decision or voted for because of sentimental reasons, nor be a popularity contest. This committee has adopted the following guidelines, which may apply to human or animals.
        • 1. Should have accomplished some MAJOR goals in the sport.
        • 2. Should have returned something to the sport (time, competition, etc.)
        • 3. Consistently shows top performance.
        • 4. Accumulated a fair amount of mileage in competition.
        • 5. Must be a member of GLDRA in the years nominated.

    Volunteer of the Year Award: Volunteers play a very important role in the success of our rides. This award recognizes the person who donates their time at the rides.
    Sportsmanship Award: This award is to emphasize good sportsmanship, that is, asking for the trail when passing, welcoming news members to our sport, giving them help, and answering their questions, etc. When making nominations a particular act of sportsmanship should be noted.
    Pit Crew of the Year Award: This award recognizes the dedicated individuals that support the endurance horse and rider. They devote many long and grueling hours and are instrumental to the care and well-being of the horse and rider.
    Ride Management of the Year:
    Merry Legs Award: Junior riders are in charge of voting for the Merry Legs Award. This award is given to the most deserving horse carrying a junior rider that year. This award is donated by Linda and Donnie Hamrick.

    GLDRA Lifetime Mileage Program Awards

    To be eligible for the horse/rider mileage awards the horse/rider must be entered in the respective mileage awards program. Horse and rider must be signed up as individuals (not teams). A one time fee of $30.00 is collected to enter the mileage programs.
    Personal Mileage Award Program
    Horse Mileage Award Program
    Download link to the Rider/Horse Mileage Form

    GLDRA Sponsored UMECRA Award

    Charles Phillips Versatility Award
    This award is given out at the UMECRA banquet and is sponsored by GLDRA in memory of Charles Phillips. The versatility horse award is open to horse and rider teams with the highest number of combined points in all categories. Each horse and rider team must complete a minimum of two events in each category (Competitive Riding, Limited Distance & Endurance). Nominations for the Versatility Award must be submitted to the Points Keeper before the beginning of the last scheduled ride of the season.
    Download: Versatility Award Nomination Form
    Download: Retired Awards With Past Recipients