West Michigan Arabian Horse Association

West Michigan Arabian Horse Association​ is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the Arabian and Half Arabian horse throughout West Michigan and beyond.

The Walking Horse Association of Michigan

Dedicated to encourage and promote the riding, training, breeding, and pride of ownership of the walking horse in the great state of Michigan.

The Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association

The Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association was formed with the goal of promoting the sport of endurance and competitive riding and good horsemanship under the direction of qualified veterinarians. Furthermore, it was founded by a group of ride managers to standardize a set of rules for the various rides to reduce variation in the way rides were managed, to coordinate ride dates, to tally points, and to present year-end awards at an annual banquet. We host rides throughout the states of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

The Arabian Horse Association of Michigan

The Arabian Horse Association of Michigan (AHAM) is a statewide organization dedicated to encouraging good relations among our members and to aiding and encouraging the breeding, exhibiting, use and perpetuation of the Arabian Horse.

The American Endurance Ride Conference

The American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 1972 as a national governing body for long distance riding. Over the years it has developed a set of rules and guidelines designed to provide a standardized format and strict veterinary controls. At the same time it has sought to avoid the rigidity and complexity so characteristic of many other equine disciplines.

Saddle Up! Magazine

Saddle Up! Magazine is a monthly all breed, all discipline equine publication devoted to equestrians in Michigan, Ohio & Indiana.

Pinckney Trail Riders Association

Pinckney Trail Riders Association is a completely volunteer run 501c3 non-profit corporation registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the Michigan Attorney General’s office as a Charitable organization.

Ohio Arabian & All-Breed Trail Riding Society

OAATS sanctions over 30 events and an estimated 3,600 miles of distance competition annually. In addition, the organization is a governing body for competitive trail rides (CTR). OAATS maintains the career mileage for all participating horses, holds clinics and instructional presentations throughout the year to introduce the sport to new riders, as well as improve and educate our existing riders.

Minnesota Distance Riding Association

MnDra was formed to promote distance riding in the Upper Midwest, giving recognition to horse and rider teams. Events sponsored in Minnesota are Competitive, Limited Distance, and Endurance.

Michigan Trail Riders Association, Inc.

The MTRA wants to help you enjoy the sport of horseback riding and your love of the outdoors in a unique way, by riding the Michigan Shore-to-Shore Riding/Hiking Trail. This trail provides nearly unlimited riding in wilderness areas and provides a way across the state of Michigan through the more civilized areas.

Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center Equine Services

At MSU, your horse is treated by the best in the industry. The MSU Veterinary Medical Center’s Large Animal Clinic Equine Service is nationally known for providing the foremost in patient care, technology, and education. The MSU Equine Service is a leader in equine disease research and application of research findings in the clinical setting to improve the lives of horses

Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition

The Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition is dedicated to helping horse owners struggling to provide for their animals, and saving as many horses as possible from abuse, abandonment and neglect.

Michigan Horse Council

Providing individuals and organizations with a central authority that will support, encourage, supplement, and coordinate the efforts of those presently engaged in the constructive conservation, development, and promotion of the horse industry and horse community in the state of Michigan.

Maybury Trail Riders Association

Maybury Trail Riders is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), organization formed for the purpose of promoting, improving and protecting equestrian trails in Maybury State Park. Maybury is a unique park as it is the only park with horse trails in Wayne County, providing close access to trails for Southeast Michigan. Maybury Trail Riders works closely with the Michigan DNR, Parks and Recreation Division to support the trails.

Kensington Trail Riders

The mission of the Kensington Trail Riders (KTR) is to promote, preserve, improve and create opportunities for equestrians and the equestrian trails and facilities of Kensington Metropark and surrounding areas.

Distance Riding Association of Wisconsin

Distance Riding Association of Wisconsin (DRAW) is a not for profit organization that is supporting and encouraging the growth of distance riding in Wisconsin.

Brighton Trail Riders Association

The mission of the Brighton Trail Riders Association is to partner with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in maintaining and improving the equestrian facilities at the Brighton State Recreation Area, including the trails, campground and staging area.

Arabian Horse Distance Riding Association

The Arabian Horse Distance Riding Association is an organization dedicated to promoting the Arabian horse in the field of distance riding and the activities of endurance riding, competitive trail riding and pleasure trail riding – activities in which the Arabian horse naturally excels.

Arabian Horse Association

AHA seeks to meet the breeding, competitive and recreational interests of all Arabian horse owners.