08octAll Day09Oak Leaf Run 2022

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Come ride the “DAM” trail

Silver Creek Park – Hamilton, Michigan

Saturday, Oct 8th: 100/75(Elevator)/50/30/25(Eve)/10-15 Intro/Novice
Sunday, Oct. 9th: 30/10-15 Intro/Novice (Min.10 entries)

“New for 2022 – Mentor program for 100/75/50/30/25 distances”

Ride information is fluid and subject to change up until one week from the ride

Vet check: Sites # 47 & 48.

Riders meeting: A brief ride meeting will be held on Friday at approximately 7:00 pm at the pavilion.

Potluck and Awards: Saturday night 6 pm. The main dish (CHILI) and table service will be furnished by the ride
management. Please bring a dish to pass and serving spoon.

Trails: The course will be held on the Allegan County Equine Trail System. The trail is mostly wooded with a
relatively flat terrain, technical, single and two tracks consisting of sand and dirt. Saturday dam crossing routes will
also have soft gravel roads, sections of pavement and busy road crossings. We are hoping to use Ride with GPS for
this ride, along with trail markings. LED marking will be used for the last 25 miles of 100 trails. The out check will be
at Pine Point Park parking lot (1792 44th Street, Allegan. GPS: 42.548527,-85.978355). Saturday 30 mile ride will
have 1 away vet check. 50, 75 and 100 mile rides will have 2 away vet checks at same location. We are planning on
having support with water and an assortment of hay/grain for horses and drinks/snacks for riders at various points
along the trail.

Camping: Campsites vary in size. www.allegancounty.org for campground map and site size. Reservations can be made with the park up to FIVE DAYS PRIOR online by going to www.reserveamerica.com/explore/silver-creek-county-equestrian-park-and-campground/PRCG/1066200/overview (Do NOT choose horse site) or call (269)686-9088. After that is a “first come” basis, make payment using yellow envelopes/fee tubes near entrances.

Camping fees are $17/night + reservation & service fees apply when making an online reservation. Trail fee- $5 per
horse per day or $25 yearly pass. 75 rustic wooded camping sites with posts for high lines, fire pit and picnic table.
No hook-ups. Hand water pumps are available as are vault toilets. Campsites must be clean and raked before
departure. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Pens allowed around picket posts. Equines must be kept away from
trees. Failure to obey park rules may be subjected to a fee and/or evicted.

RULES: AERC and UMECRA. Endurance will be a gate-into-hold and Competitive will be UMECRA window concept.
All Juniors MUST wear a helmet. All veterinary decisions are final.

Mentor Program hosted by Cristo Dinkleman of Dinkleman Arabians: We will be offering a $25.00 mentor
discount for any Mentor/competitor that rides with and assists a Mentee throughout the ride. This would mean that
you start out with, ride with and finish with a Mentee. Should either the Mentor or the Mentee be pulled or unable
to complete the ride, the discount will still be applied. In the case of a Mentor being eliminated, ride management
will make every effort to find an alternate Mentor to continue with the Mentee. Should a Mentor and a Mentee elect
not to complete the ride together, then the Mentor will not be eligible for the Mentor discount and will be required
to pay the full entry fee.

Mentor Program Eligibility: To be eligible for the Mentor discount, a Mentor must have COMPLETED a minimum
of ten (10) rides in the distance they are signing up for. If you qualify as a Mentor and would be willing to mentor a
“NEW” to 100/75/50/30/25eve. distance rider”/ Mentee, or have any questions, please contact Barb –
616.460.8041 so we can assist you in pairing up with an appropriate Mentee. As a Mentor, if you already have a
Mentee in mind, please let us know.

Clinic: Free mini clinic will be led by Becke Grams on Saturday, 8:30 AM at the pavilion.

15 Mile Intro Ride with 10 mile option: We cannot guarantee there will be support day of the ride for new riders.
Newbie information and mentors can be found on these websites: www.gldrami.org, www.umecra.org and
www.aerc.org. For further information, please contact ride management. Vet in your horse either Friday between
4:00pm – 6:30pm, or Saturday or Sunday morning between 8:00am – 9:00am. You will follow trail markings just like
a regular endurance ride to learn about the sport and vet your horse out following completion of the course for
learning purposes only. Completion award not included.

WARNING: 1. Riders are expected to control their mounts at all times and obey trail etiquette/park rules. 2. Any
rider/crew member who acts in a disrespectful or unsportsmanlike manner as judged by Ride Management; failure in #1
and/or #2 may result in rider disqualification.

Ride Manager: Barb Kurti 616-460-8041 Oakleafrun@gmail.com
Ride Secretary: Cassie Green 231-740-5156 greencas3@gmail.com

For more information and registration, please visit OakLeafRun.com

Location: Silver Creek Park is located just east of M-40 at the corner of 134th Avenue and 38th Street. There are two
entrances to the park, one the 134th Avenue and on one 38th Street and both are indicated with signs. If you have a large
rig, it is advised you use the 38th Street entrance.

Get directions from the Silver Creek Park & Campground website. www.allegancounty.org, the street address is 3900
134th Ave, Hamilton, MI 49419

From US-131, exit 68 (142nd Avenue). Proceed west to 38th Street. Go south to the park.

From Chicago I-94 E to I-196 N/ US-31 N (Holland/Grand Rapids) continue 49 miles, Take exit 49 for M-40 toward Allegan,
turn right a t M-40 S, continue 6.5 miles, turn left at 134th Avenue and continue 3.4 miles. Park will be on the right.

From Ohio/Indiana from I-80 toll road exit 144 to I-69 N, continue north to exit 38 for I-94 W. Continue west to exit 74B
for US-131 N toward Grand Rapids. Continue north to exit 68 for Dorr/Moline. Turn left onto 142nd Ave. Go 12.6 miles
and turn left at 38th St. Go south 4.5 mile to Park entrance on your right.

The purpose of the introductory ride is to educate and acquaint riders and/or equines to the sport of Endurance.
1. Any gender or breed of equine is welcome. The equine must be at least 48 months old.
2. This is not a race and has no minimum or maximum time for completion. Riders are strongly encouraged to pace 5-7mph. Ideal time is 2-3 hours.
3. There are no point or mileage accumulations, no placement awards, and no best condition judging, nor are results reported to AERC. However if your
horse successfully completes the ride, you will receive a completion award and have had the opportunity to experience the sport of endurance.
4. No AERC membership fee is required for the 15 mile introductory ride.
5. Juniors must wear an ASTM helmet whenever mounted and be accompanied at all times by their adult sponsor.

The objective of this division is to promote the entry of new riders and new horses into the sport of Distance Riding.
1. Any gender or breed of equine is welcome. The equine must be at least 48 months old.
2. Novice rides must use the “window system” as follows: A novice rider may come in from 5 minutes before or up to
5 minutes after the exact scheduled time without losing points. One point per minute is lost for coming in before or after these limits, up to 55 minutes
(a total of 55 points) without being disqualified.
3. Horse/rider team will use the same rules as competitive rides and including UMECRA general rules.

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october 8 (Saturday) - 9 (Sunday)


Barb Kurti616-460-8041