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Mentor Application Current mentors or GLDRA members wanting to become a mentor, please complete and submit the attached mentor form. The forms will then go to the mentor committee and either be approved or denied. Forms can be emailed to the or send paper forms to Lisa Germann, 6529 Milan-Oakville Rd., Milan, MI 48160

Helpful Links

Endurance Information

Endurance.Net – tons of helpful endurance info

Tips and Hintsgreat info on endurance riding

Ride Sanctioning Organizations

AERC – American Endurance Ride Conference

UMECRA – Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association

Oaats, Inc. – Ohio Arabian and All-Breed Trail Riding Society

Other Distance Groups

AHA – Arabian Horse Association

AHAM – Arabian Horse Association of Michigan

AHDRA – Arabian Horse Distance Riding Association

DRAW – Distance Riding Association of Wisconsin

MnDRA – Minnesota Distance Riding Association

Oaats, Inc. – Ohio Arabian and All-Breed Trail Riding Society


Kentucky Equine Research

ABC – Advanced Biological Concepts

Action Rider Tack

CSK Images – credited with some of the photos on this site

EasyCare Inc.

Renegade Hoof Boots

Riding Warehouse

The Distance Depot

Vet Tec

Horse Info

Michigan State University Veterinary Hospital

Saddle Up! Magazine

Equestrian Organizations

MHC – Michigan Horse Council

Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition – report neglect, abuse or request help/donate to MI’s haybank

MiCMO – Michigan Competitive Mounted Orienteering

WHAM – Walking Horse Association of Michigan

WMAHA – West Michigan Arabian Horse Association

Trail Organizations

BTRA – Brighton Trail Riders Association

ELCR – Equestrian Land Conservation Resource

KTR – Kensington Trail Riders

MTRA – Maybury Trail Riders Association

MTRA – Michigan Trail Riders Association, support the Shore to Shore trail

PTRA – Pinckney Trail Riders Association

PLTA – Proud Lake Trail Riders

SHTRA – Sleepy Hollow Trail Riders Association

WHA – Waterloo Horseman’s Association

Ride Campgrounds

Timber’s Edge Campground – family friendly with electricity on sites