24sepAll Day2525th Annual Pine Marten Run

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AERC, UMECRA, GLDRA and AHA Sanctioned

If beautiful trails are still the reason you love distance riding, then the Pine Marten Run is for you. The course normally consists of a 25 mile loop to be ridden twice by 50-milers, with the middle check in camp and the 1st and 3rd checks at the same location, but ride management reserves the option of taking the 50 milers on 15 & 10 mile loops from the check, so that all of their checks would be at the same “out” location. No pit crews are necessary as the trails take you by numerous pristine lakes and ride management will haul your stuff to the check, which is an easy 6-mile drive from camp.

Camp is adjacent to the Indian River and consists of a rough cut area with some regrowth, so walk ahead of your rig to check for holes and stumps (but hey, the camping is free!). Horse water will be available.

Join us for a Saturday night potluck where ride management will provide fresh pasties made with potatoes grown and beef raised on the Bahrman Potato Farm; if you bring more than one non-rider to the potluck a donation of $5.00 per adult would be appropriate. For Friday night supper, we recommend the Camel Riders Restaurant or the Buckhorn Tavern, both situated on other nearby lakes (see map).


Saturday, September 24, 2022

50 Endurance $85 SR*   $40 JR*
25 Endurance $65 SR*   $30 JR*
25 Competitive $55 SR* $24 JR*

Sunday, September 25, 2022

25 Endurance $65 SR*  $30 JR*
25 Competitive $55 SR* $25 JR*

START TIMES: as soon as possible after dawn given the weather, number of entries, etc.

AWARDS: Completions, firsts and placings in all divisions, B.C.s in endurance.

Ride Manager:
Karen Bahrman
El780 M-94, Skandia, MI 49885
(906) 439-5745

Co-Manager: Kathy Macki

Head Veterinarian: Dr. Rae Mayer-Birr 

*Non AERC members additional $15 fee.

Download Flyer and Map Here


september 24 (Saturday) - 25 (Sunday)


Karen BahrmanRide manager Karen Bahrman (906) 439-5745 or kbahrman@gmail.com. Co-manager Kathy Macki (906) 280-3235 or k_macki@yahoo.com El780 M-94, Skandia, MI 49885