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Endurance Info:

Endurance.Net - tons of helpful endurance info

Ridecamp - endurance forum

Tips and Hints- great info on endurance riding

GLDRA Rides Sanctioning Organizations:

AERC - American Endurance Ride Conference

AERC Facebook

GLDRA Facebook 

GLDRA Twitter

North America Endurance Greenbeans Facebook

Green Bean Team Competition

UMECRA - Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association

UMECRA Facebook

UMECRA Greenbeans Facebook - for new rider information

Other Distance Groups:

AHA - Arabian Horse Association

AHAM - Arabian Horse Association of Michigan

AHDRA - Arabian Horse Distance Riding Association

DRAW - Distance Riding Association of Wisconsin

MnDRA - Minnesota Distance Riding Association

Oaats, Inc. - Ohio Arabian and All-Breed Trail Riding Society


ABC - Advanced Biological Concepts

Action Rider Tack

CSK Images - credited with some of the photos on this site

EasyCare Inc.

Renegade Hoof Boots

Riding Warehouse

Running Bear

The Distance Depot

Vet Tec

Horse Info:

Michigan State University Veterinary Hospital

Saddle Up! Magazine

Equestrian Organizations:

MHC - Michigan Horse Council

Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition - report neglect, abuse or request help/donate to MI's haybank

MiCMO - Michigan Competitive Mounted Orienteering

WHAM - Walking Horse Association of Michigan

WMAHA - West Michigan Arabian Horse Association

Trails Organizations:
*take time to support the trails you ride

BTRA - Brighton Trail Riders Association

ELCR - Equestrian Land Conservation Resource

KTRA - Kensington Trail Riders Association

MTRA - Maybury Trail Riders Association

MTRA - Michigan Trail Riders Association, support the Shore to Shore trail

PTRA - Pinckney Trail Riders Association

PLTA - Proud Lake Trail Riders

SHTRA - Sleepy Hollow Trail Riders Association

WHA - Waterloo Horseman's Association

Ride Campgrounds:

Timber's Edge Campground - family friendly with electricity on sites